Intonation Station

Map your instrument's intonation just by playing your favourite tune!


Are you sick of certain notes sounding out of tune even though you've just tuned up? Intonation Station creates a profile of your instrument's intonation while you play your favourite tune, revealing the exact notes you need to work on. Detailed statistics are generated that enable you to get the best from your instrument, including scores for intonation and note consistency. Used worldwide by musicians, singers and instrument technicians.


With complete Intonation and Consistency Profiles, Detailed Stats, a high quality Integrated Tuner, and flexible customization, Intonation Station reveals all the important aspects of your instrument or voice to get you sounding like you should.
  • Intonation Profiles

    All acoustic instruments are a compromise between note quality and tuning. Some notes are consistently sharp or flat, and you can't tell which ones by using a normal tuner. Intonation Station generates a profile of your instrument's Intonation in a clear chart, that tells you immediately what notes you have to work on, or whether you need to call in the technician!
  • Consistency Profiles

    Is it you, or your instrument? Consistency Profiles show the range of tuning for every note when you play your instrument. If the range is wide, you may need to work on your technique. If it's narrow but some notes are still out of tune, your instrument may need some work!
  • Detailed Statistics

    Detailed Statistics reveal various areas that you can work on. Try to beat your best Intonation or Consistency Score. Look up your flattest, sharpest, or least consistent pitches. Intonation Station analyses your instrument to provide the Best Pitch For Tuning, when you tune up before playing
  • Integrated Tuner

    Intonation Station includes a high quality tuner using wavelet technology to tune up before you start
  • Instant Sharing

    You can export your Intonation Profile as an image to share on email or social media
  • Flexible Customisation

    Set your instrument key, choose between Equal and Just Temperament, select your colour scheme, exclude short or bendy notes, and other tweaks to suit your instrument and playing style


Neil Farnsworth, Saxophonist
The mouthpiece makes a huge effect on saxophone intonation, especially the high notes. This app made it easy to select a shortlist when auditioning mouthpieces at my local store.
Gerard Atkins, Trumpeter
This app is so useful! I play principal cornet in a brass band and trumpet as a gigging musician. Using Intonation Station has revealed all the notes I need to lip up or down - it makes all the difference!


Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues you have using Intonation Station. We're also keen to hear about any features you'd like included in future versions.